Valorant: Beginner Guide to Brimstone

Sept 5, 2021

Brimstone is a very popular agent in Valorant for a variety of reasons. Not only is this a great agent for a stealthier approach, but you can also use it for hands on combat quite well too. However, the main focus for Brimstone is to control the line of sights for his team. The idea is to help the others by offering an edge in the case of gunfights. With that in mind, it’s important to learn more about its capabilities, and you will find yourself quite impressed with the results and the experience as a whole.

Brimstone Abilities

  • Stim Beacon is the cheapest ability, it has 2 charges and what it does is it throws a beacon giving teammates recoil speed recovery, reload speed, better fire rate and so on. It just lasts around 4 seconds, and it only helps on a small area, which is not that large. But it can help and that’s what matters the most here.
  • Incendiary is loading up an incendiary grenade into the character’s launcher and it fires away. It leaves a small area on fire, and enemies are damaged if they pass through, which is a very important thing to keep in mind.
  • Sky Smoke is the signature and it has 3 charges. You use the gauntlet to pull up the area around the map that you want smoked. If you have unused smokes, they will be carried to the next round, which is very important to keep in mind.
  • The ultimate for Brimstone is the Orbital Strike. You can choose an area of the map via the tactical map where you can call a devastating orbital strike. It’s very hard for enemies to escape this if they are caught, so it’s definitely one of those things that you will like quite a bit, and which are exciting to go through.

Utility Tips

If you use the smoke ability, make sure that you use this where you can support your team. Using this tactically is how you will get the best results and actively help your opponents. With that in mind, you also need to use the Orbital Strike in places like bombsites while the enemies are defusing, since it’s very hard or impossible for enemies to escape from that. Sky Smoke can be used with the Incendiary Grenade, this is a very good combo and you can combine them to really cause a lot of damage. If you want to use the Stim Beacon, try to do that when the team rushes to the bomb site to either defuse or plant. It can be a great idea and it’s giving in some incredible, impressive results in the end.


Playing Brimstone is a lot of fun, and with the right amount of patience you can actually bring in a lot of damage. It takes a bit of a trial and error to figure out when and how to use his abilities, but this is a very good character, and with time you can master him very well!