Best S-Tier Weapons In Valorant

Sept 5, 2021

There are some great weapons in Valorant that can help not only enhance your skill, but also acquire more kills too. But which are those S-tier weapons that you always wanted to play with? Here’s a list some of the top tier weapons that you can use right now in the game and excel at it.


The Operator is a great sniper rifle and arguably one of the best Valorant weapons you can use right now. Granted, it’s a costly weapon and it just has a magazine of 5 bullets, but it’s very accurate and powerful. It has an amazing wall penetration too, which makes it incredible especially if you focus on killing people from afar. Another thing we like about the Operator is the fact that this is the only weapon which is able to kill armored enemies from any range. If you want to get a frag and not get killed, then most likely the Operator is your best pick. It’s definitely a weapon that you want to check out and enjoy, and you will find that it delivers an incredible experience and wonderful shooting.


Another great S-tier weapon in Valorant is the Phantom. It’s the top assault rifle for a lot of people, and many like it because it’s coming with a large magazine. It also has pretty good wall penetration. Another thing to note here is that you have a stellar fire rate here, and they did include a silenced barrel. The fact that it conceals the direction of bullets is a great thing, since you can strategize and find a good place to shoot. They won’t know where you are shooting, which is amazing. The Phantom has better bullet accuracy when compared to the Vandal for example.


The Vandal is the last of the S-tier weapons, and it’s a great one too. It’s similar to the Phantom in many ways, but it has a magazine of 75 instead of 90 bullets, so it does have a downside. It also comes with a slower fire rate when compared to the Phantom. However, it’s extremely accurate, and it delivers consistent damage output. You also get consistent one shot kills when you hit the head of an opponent, which is very important. Whether you go with the Phantom or the Vandal, that’s up to you and your personal choice. But they are both amazing assault rifles.


As you can see, the S-tier weapons in Valorant are not only very powerful, but also accurate and they provide consistent damage. If you really want to take your skills to the next level, then it makes a lot of sense to go with the best weapons. These are incredible, very powerful and you will find themselves a pleasure to play with. All you have to do is to check any of these three weapons, master them and you will have an incredible time. It’s definitely pushing the experience to the next level, and you get to upgrade your gameplay too!