Welcome OPRewards to LootX

OPRewards.com is migrating to LootX.com. This new website will offer more features and increased stability.

More Details

Automatic Data Migration

You can login to LootX with your existing OPRewards.com account.

All existing data from OPRewards is automatically synced over to LootX, including your points! There is zero data loss at all.

Exciting New Features

Level Up System
The level up system allows you to earn bonus points from every offer completion, depending on what level you are! Simply earn points to level up. The higher level you are, the higher % of bonus points you will receive. You can find out more information on the profile page after logging in.

New Rewards
There are various new reward options, including Unknown Cash for PUBG Mobile, Valorant, Xbox, Playstation Network, etc. More to be added soon!

New Offerwalls
There are new & easy survey offers that you can complete for points. They are usually updated daily. More offerwalls & ways to earn points will be added later on!

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